Free time around Verona

10th European Academic Conference on Internal Audit and Corporate Governance

Verona is located in the center of Northern Italy and offers a wide variety of itineraries to choose from. Venice, with its history and wonderful buildings, is about 100 km from Verona. The distance between Verona and the Garda Lake is around 40km, while other cities like Mantova, Brescia, Vicenza or Padua are within 1 hour train distance.

The center of Verona, named by UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers both roman ruins and reinaissance buildings. Verona is the four italian city for number of tourists after Venice, Florence and Rome. Juliet’s house, the Roman amphitheatre, the Arena, the tombs of the Scala family, Erbe square and Signori square are sites that cannot be missed.

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Furthermore, few minutes drive from the city center of Verona can be found one of the best italian valley for the production of vine: Valpolicella and its speciality Amarone.